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"Fidel is not only a supremely talented artist, but he is both professional and personable throughout the entire process. Whether you're looking for a stunning piece for your art collection or a creative website design, Fidel's the one for the job. I look forward to doing more business with hiim and recommend him with complete confidence he will not disappoint."

Tracy Steinhandler


Fidel is a great artist. I love his passionate works of art. The same passion he puts into creating a website. I received many new clients since Fidel incorporated his work into my website. Thank you very much!!!!

Beata Kulitskaya

"My wife Jana and I just moved into our new home and we wanted something very special as the focal point of our dining room. Jana recommended Fidel and we have become fast friends. Fidel is a true artist and his works are fantastic. We love the piece we chose, and we will be collecting his works for years to come".

Steve Lake


"Awaking with my eyes gazing upon Fidel's paintings contributes to my daily inspiration, pleasure and calmness. Integrating his mastery of color, texture, shape and form, his artwork enhances the comfort, mood and atmosphere of any setting.
A true master who's greatness will far exceed a lifetime"

Ron Reiss


"I have the pleasure of owning several works of Fidel, I must say they are truly espectacular and have a true sense of mistifying imagination".

Louis G Costagliola


"I was referred to Fidel by a friend when I had mentioned that I needed a painting, created just for me, which reflected my appreciation of the wisdom of the universe. Fidel came to my office to see where the painting would be hung, and then proceeded to create a work of perfection. I truly could not be happier with his creation, as it epitomizes peace and harmony and wisdom. Simply amazing"!

Kim Taylor


"Fidel, is one of the sickest and most talented artists I have ever had the pleasure to know. His drive to raise the bar is par none. A wonderful person and amazing talent" 

Christopher Perilli


"Fidel is one of the most talented and versatile artists I've ever had the honor of knowing. I'm addicted to his vibrant, multi-layered pieces and can't stop adding to my collection of his work. I admire his energy, passion and eye for beauty in both expected and surprising things".

Tracy Steinhandler

"Fidel is an amazing artist on many levels..I have the pleasure of owning several works of Fidel in my studio and home..When i have a client or friend over, Fidels art is always a topic of conversation..Fidels work is truly one of a kind"!

Joseph Posa


"I have had multiple beautiful pieces by Fidel on my walls for a number of years.. not only have I always enjoyed them and consider them my favorite, but they are the paintings that always get the most "wow" comments from my guest"!

Farhan Hussain


"Love the painting I got from Fidel. Definitely looking forward to getting more"!

Eric Placek


"I am a proud owner o Fidel's artwork. The colors, the technique, the lighting of my painting add such a wonderful touch and sense of calm upon entering my condo and warmth to the general decor of it as well"

Elio Barbarotta


"Great Art ! Please MORE MORE MORE thank you"

Steve Alexander


"Fidel's backdrops and artwork was creative, superb and original. I worked with Fidel at Viva Resort in Playacar, Mexico in the late 90s where he created breathtaking backdrops for our performance productions. I still keep in touch with him today and I have witnessed his talent blossom. Some people just have the "IT" factor. He is one of those rare talents and I am glad to know him as a fellow creative artist."

Gina Liccardo