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Rates and Quotes


Graphic Design: Services starting at $90.00 per Hour (minimum of 2 hour per project) Photo retouching, Logo development, Flyers, Business cards and any type of printing material or material for web as e-banners or e-fliers, cupons etc. Project Package rates are also available based on complexity of the job and total time for completion.

Web Design: Services starting at $90.00 per Hour (minimum of 2 hour per project) Layout, HTML, CSS, Slide shows, Basic Web Pages, Templates, E-commerce etc. *Small custom and affordable web package available upon request.

Interiors: Services starting at $150.00 per Hour (minimum of 8 hour per project) Interior Design, Custom Murals, Faux Finish, Gold leafing, Art Consulting, Space Planning, Rendering, Drafting etc.


Comissioned Custom Art based on space planning or interior design are calculated only on the Project's complexity, medium and dimensions ($6.00 per Sq inch, minimum of 1,000Sq inches) ($ 4.00 per Sq inch when more than 1,500Sq inches), No Hourly rate applies, and the art is Quoted separately from the interior design project unless specified.